Adding Additional Pages

7. Add Subpages

Each Lesson Builder tool that you add to your worksite can have multiple pages associated with it. These pages are referred to as subpages.

Click the Add Subpage button at the top of the page. Fill in the text field labeled Page title with the title of your new subpage and click Create.

This will take you to a blank Lesson Builder page, where you can add new content pieces as you see fit.

Normally the page appears "under" the page you started from. That is, when you go to the subpage, you'll see the name of the original page at the top. Normally readers will expect to go back to the original page when they are finished.

However it is possible to string together lists of pages, so that each leads you to the next. In that case, the previous pages do not show at the top, and there's no expectation that readers will return to the original page (although they can do so with "Back"). To string together pages, when you create a subpage, check the "Next Page" checkbox for each new page. You may also prefer to check "Show as button."

Edit a Subpage

To edit information about a subpage, click Edit to the left of the subpage you would like to modify.

The options available for modification are as follows:

To save your changes, click Update Item. To remove the subpage from your page, click Delete.

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