Adding Resources to the Page

NOTE: resources and multimedia are similar. Both can be either files or URLs. The difference is that resources appear as links in your Lesson Builder page, whereas multimedia is displayed in a box on the page, if the student's browser is able to do this.

Click Add Resource at the top of the page.

You can add a file to your page by:

Edit a Resource

Click the Edit button to the left of the resource you would like to modify.

This will open up an Edit Item box on your screen. The options available for modification are as follows:

To save your changes, click Update Item.

Delete a Resource

Click Edit to the left of the resource you would like to remove, then click Delete.

The delete function in Lesson Builder only removes the link on the Lesson Builder page. If you would like to completely delete an uploaded file from your worksite, the file will also need to be removed from the Resources tool. To do this, click Resources on the left menu and click on the folder that has the same title as the Lesson Builder from which the file was removed. Click Actions --> Remove to the right of the file. Click Remove to complete the process.

Access Controls for Resource

When you select Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed, Lesson Builder will control students' access to the resource. The resource is hidden so that it can only be accessed through Lesson Builder. If the resource involved is a web document (HTML), there are special considerations. Web documents often include images, and they can refer to other documents. Thus controlling the document itself may not be good enough.

One approach to deal with this is to put the images, etc, somewhere else in the same folder as the main document, and set either the individual files or the folder to hidden, in the Resources tool. When you access a file in Lesson Builder, if the file is accessible, it will also allow you to access other files in the same folder, even if the are hidden.

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