Course grade calculations

The Gradebook automatically calculates a course grade based on the number of points scored out of the total points submitted (i.e., a running grade). Ungraded items will not be included in the course grade calculation, so the course grade will not necessarily reflect the student's true score. To include ungraded items in the course grade calculation, you need to enter a 0 (zero) for those items.

To exclude a gradebook item from the course grade, you can edit the gradebook item and deselect Include this item in course grade calculations. The score for that item will appear in parentheses to indicate that it is not included in the course grade calculation.

Note: Students can't see their grades for an item unless you select Release this item to students when editing the gradebook item.

For instructions on adding or editing Gradebook items, see Adding, editing, or deleting a Gradebook item.